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Biology Assignment Help

Biology is the subject that elucidates our knowledge on various life forms. It is a major branch of science that makes us equipped to see life beyond our normal vision. When we are talking about life forms; most of us observe things that take place in our surrounding, like people communicating, birds flying, plants bearing colorful flowers and fruits. Yet, only a Biologist can draw out reasons and meaning of every activities, gestures and moments.

Biology conducts study from the minutest cell to the entire organism. It answers the biggest questions about the immune system of living body and functioning of every organ. Whether it’s products of animals or adaptation in plants; all the answers about life can be acquired from study of this subject, Biology. Currently, the growing research and globalization has helped researchers to research about the most talked and discussed topic i.e. Human genome. Hence, answers to various form of life can be found under Biological study.

Similar to the other fields of Science; biological information’s are also based on Hypothesis, Observations, experimentations and results. Since, Biology is a real science; no hypothesis is accepted or forwarded until it is approved after conducting a proper experiment. This is the reason why years of experiments and findings on varied topics have been put together in a large volume of Biology book. Today we have answer to most of the questions raised on living world. What aspects mark the starting of life? How are living being surviving in different types of environment? How does a living system work in this world? 

With the invention of many advanced scientific tools, researchers have made efforts for deeper study on living beings and that is the reason that Biology is now termed as Modern Biology.

MyAssignmentHelps have appointed the finest Biology tutors to aid you with your Biology projects. In school and Universities; a Biology student needs to attend both theoretical as well as practical classes. Remembering the core concepts of every topic along with specifically used Biology terms’, turns out to be a difficult job. Our online Biology experts can help you get over this problem. They are experts with PhD and Master’s Degree from well-known Universities. The experts also have many years of teaching experience. So, they are bound to possess immense knowledge on every topic of this field. Even if your concepts on certain topics are not clear, they will provide you information in such a simple and easy way that it will take only one or two readings to get the concepts clear. Hence, your Biology assignment will carry all the minor details of the topic that should be there.

Our online Biology experts have listed few important areas of this field. Some of them are explained below:

1. Anatomy - The study of internal parts of a living body is known as Anatomy. The study on anatomical is divided into two sections: part that can be easily viewed by naked eyes comes under gross anatomy and those parts that form the basic organization of a living body is studied as part of Histological section. This field of study is instrumental to discover the functioning, composition and importance of any specific part or organ. Hence, anatomical study of animals is known as animal anatomy and when plants anatomy is studied, it is plant anatomy.

2. Cell Biology - Cell, the basis of any living body, is the first step for the beginning of life. Though it cannot be seen by naked eyes, but it is made up of many important components. Hence, knowledge on cell, its composition, structure and function can be obtained from the study of Cell Biology. Presently, cells are also important to conduct study on different diseases, transplantation of organs, immune system of body and many more. Hence, Cell movement, Cell Signaling, Cell cycle, and Cell Culture are some of the major topics dealt under this area of Biology.

3. Molecular Biology - It is the field of biology that clarifies our doubts on living organism at a molecular level. It also provides knowledge on the interaction of the various systems of a body at molecular level. Hence, molecular biology is connected to different fields of Science including Genetics, Cell Biology. Some important sections studied in this field of Biology are Gene expression, Biomolecules, Membrane Biology.

4. Genetics - The study of gene, heredity and variation of an organism is included in Genetics. The cause for genetic disorders, study on chromosomes and DNA and transmission of trait are sliced in this field of Biology. In the present times, with the concept and ideas of this field, researchers have started modifying animals and plants to obtain maximum benefit. The wide range of topics like genetic engineering, Epigenetics, Molecular genetics and many more are covered under this field of Biology.

5. Microbiology - Microbiology is the study of smaller organism or minute organism that cannot be viewed by our naked eyes. Presently, microorganisms are important in various research fields as they are used in designing drugs and stdying about viruses including many other pathogens. Hence, subjects like, Virology, Bacteriology, Viruses and Microscopy are dealt under this area of Biology.

6. Biochemistry - Biochemistry deals with the function and structures of biomolecules that form the components of the living cell and develops an understanding of how various biological processes in living beings works. Understanding the functioning and structure of these biomolecules helps understand life processes like RNA transcription, respiration, metabolism, nutrition, ageing and diseases, protein metabolism, muscles and more.

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