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SPSS can be defined as a statistical software package which is used for the analysis and computation of statistical data. Iniatially, SPSS software was produced by Spss.inc but was later acquired by IBM. IBM SPSS statistics is the current version of the software. SPSS is an acronym which stands as STATISTICAL PACKAGE FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES. But, in today’s era, the software is being used in many other fields such as mathematical sciences, health sciences and even marketing.

SPSS as a program is being used all over the world by health researchers, market researchers, company surveyors, various governments and for educational researchersfor its wide statistical applications. This software is preferred over the rest because it allows ordinary researchers to perform their own statistical analysis even with little or no prior knowledge of statistics as a course of study.

Since Excel isn’t easily understood by people outside the field, SPSS writers who are experts in the statistics field built a less complicated analytical software program. Our online SPSS experts are well-adept at all statistical applications of SPSS and thus provide quality and reliable SPSS assignment help. Deep expertise of our SPSS experts in every statistical method and concept enables us to deliver the SPSS assignments in a much shorter time. With the experienced SPSS expertsandsimplified approach, we provide affordable SPSS Statistics assignment help.

The Applications of SPSS for Various Statistics Assignments

The base software of SPSS is inclusive of various statistical techniques which help in the analysis of any kind that one may like to carry out. Analytical tools that give a better understanding of any data you may input into the software are also included in the software. Our online SPSS writers provide help with the following statistics:

Cross-tabulation and descriptive statistics

SPSS contains various tools like mean, median, range, mode, the explore modes and also ratio statistics. These tools can be used to get more information about any data you input into it.

Linear regression

SPSS can help you determine the relationship between the explained variables and other explanatory variables in linear regression. It also helps to find the value of the dependent variable given the best fit of the regression equation. Hence, it can also be used for predictive purpose.

Bivariate statistics

Bivariate statistics is the testing of hypothesis in any data. This can be easily done using the SPSS program software. The ANOVAs of any data can also be obtained through SPSS software. Some of the other tests that can be done using SPSS are the correlation, t-test, parametric and non-parametric tests. Owing to its authenticity, the program for bivariate assignments is usually preferred by online SPSS experts.

Factor analysis

SPSS also finds application in predicting and identifying groups such as the factor analysis,cluster analysis, and discriminants. 

Our SPSS writers have expertise in both SPSS tools as well as statistics concepts.They are well adept with all applications of SPSS.  They can provide you besthomework help and online SPSS assignment.

SPSS can be used to analyze data for the following disciplines of testsalong withthe above-mentioned statistics methodologies such as :

  1. Chi-squared test
  2. Correlation test
  3. Factor analysis test
  4. Spearman`s rank correlation test
  5. Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient assignment
  6. Mean square weighted deviation test
  7. Time series analysis test
  8. Students` t-test
  9. Regression analysis
  10. Mann-Whitney u test
  11. Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

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Topics on which our students have scored A+ grade in SPSS Projects and assignments are :

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Design of Experiment
  • Process Capability Analysis
  • Parametric Tests
  • Data Mining
  • T-Test
  • Forecasting
  • Non-Parametric Tests
  • Clinical Trials
  • Linear Regression
  • Factor Analysis
  • Biostatistics
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Econometrics