Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

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Management accounting is used by the managers of a company or the accountant to maintain their books of accounts, daily transactions and ledgers by applying the most appropriate accounting method. The accounting methods can be broadly categorized into three accounting methods which have been mostly used. These methods are ABC model, The Time-based ABC model (Van Dyk, Zubizarreta and Lievens, 2017) and the Traditional costing method. For this report, we have focused on the application of ABC model in a company and how it is used to provide effective information to the management. The ABC model makes an effective evaluation with the existing goals of the company. This method also helps in analyzing and how best the ABC model can be fitted into the company and there by suggesting recommendations based on that. The report also includes the recommendations and insight on other important methods to manage the accountancy books in efficient way.
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